Since 1994 in Bursa in the center, copy center, we operate .In this sector, we have experience in the field of sign gain a new door to open in a new machine, and we wanted this the new machine is no consumable material you want, hammaddesi very cheap, but to get high profit. We got stopped from abroad over the years, all kinds of machinery.Some abroad, we sell it, we said.Right now, our machine CE certificate, and we've got our Italy based in europe, we're building our sales organization.

8 years styrofoam cnc cutting machine.

5 years workshop in our company ;

  • XPS

    with a wide range of products, we cut.

    Packaging , sign, construction, and promotion of many products in the field. From our customers
    different cuts of requests for new machines tasarlammiz.Our machine course the width of these different needs from our customers in the request originates from.

This is the reason why currently in the cutting order, we continue to receive.But the truth is that our machine the manufacture.

In the world ,especially in america, is very popular 3D printer industry we're in.19 years of copy in the sector, our experience with the Dutch FELIX firm decision we made .

New as of the beginning of the year the import of 3D Printer we started.Machine sales,technical service ,training we are providing .Also 3D Printer consumables supplier.

The entire design of our company, which is shaping styrofoam 28 different Machine manufactured
We have developed some mechanical parts abroad to minimise dependence on the in the situation. From abroad, we supply a total of 2 material. Cnc the machines that we use in our stepper motors and cnc card we use in our

1 integrated medicine .Ball teflon wheels ,which consists of laser-cut, we have designed the car.

Car guides to sigma aluminum profile used ,at the same time, this aluminum ,
our machines chassis.Thus, even in foreign markets in a highly competitive sales the price we got our Machines..very little power is consumed.The last 2 years our products special energy conservation system to introduce.Our machines supplies material with a thickness of 0.35 mm CrNi wires.Other supplies.

3D technology in the mold, there is no logic. Machining or etching techniques in it is not used.Block material from the chip by removing all the designs were made after the pattern him.However, the filament extruder technology ; from the ground up in layers the plastic model is poured in some of the finds.5 axis mcnc machine, even if you can't do products in a single press.Example : a whistle .The roasted chickpeas with the finished print straight away a whistle. That, with existing technology, we have to do is not possible.Or solid
in the case of the suspension bridge model of the nested composite rotatable gears !

Styrofoam from the machining system pre-casting mold manufacturing 3d machines are available in our.

The most important difference is that we yaraticiligimizdrir.The sector is constantly new design machines manufactured.

Mencut machine with new versions of our own in developing.Many of the machines we own our r & d is the world's first machine that we call our.

And the most important investment in our three-dimensional printer.

Styrofoam cutting machine, such as 3D yazicilarda in our own brand abroad
markets our goal is to sell the underlying.3 different types of printer, we are planning to do.Our machines for further information about : our site is at your service.

Our primary target is the domestic goods , which is our own production 3D printer on the market in our.

This is the final phase of our efforts.Try our very successful.

Our desire and our goal is larger than the market (cm3) in the type field, is to appeal.

Styrofoam cutting and shaping our work continues at the same speed.

And now we're ready.

Our company,rigorous R & D activities developed as a result of our above-mentioned styrofoam areas of use-oriented , easy-to-use , styrofoam cutting and shaping machines i produce, offers you.Our prices are unbeatable and product satisfaction we are ambitious.

Crude oil and produced a synthetic material styrofoam,today,internal and external locations (decoration,insulation,jamb), signage,copy center,fair-stage stands, wedding-invitation organizations materials,model making,shop window decoration,packaging , promotional products and many more areas of our lives.

Sign :

Other styrofoam machine, unlike manufacturing firms, our customers, our target is to Sign sector.20 years in Bursa, copy center, we operate.Signage, much of the many of our customers.Therefore, the industry in the field of styrofoam, what kind of machine needs to we know very well that.

And in this line, hot wire cutting ,from 1 m3 to 2.2 m3 volume of up to three and four dimensional cnc, we have the.I think turkey sign in sizes 3-dimensional objects to create many more door will open.Styrofoam with complex products, improve it is possible to.Iron,aluminum,wood and concrete, along with the many different applications fields.

Styrofoam, shake products from damage from the heat by electric current, and protects.Styrofoam is lightweight due to the total weight of the product increases very little, marble-like and heavy damage that need to be protected against is ideal for packaging products.Styrofoam on top, logo, company name and other information you want can be written.

Styrofoam, is used for heat and sound insulation. Building walls and roofs can be used.

The isolation well of the house energy savings. If you desire the whole house out of styrofoam we can do it.

Styrofoam is easy to shape, can, light is a substance, and can be produced in any color. For each color, easily boyanabilir.Su or silicone based exterior paints with a little water using on one floor, even can be painted easily.Also, as an alternative to relatively expensive water based synthetic paints and varnishes in our country can be found easily.This is why decoration is ideal for. Exhibition stands for your ads and Styrofoam from each color, and in production we can do. The name of your company with Styrofoam type in capital letters, increase the visibility.

Model Making:
Styrofoam using a machine or machine part of the model, we can. Other
alternatives to 30 %less than you pay for.

Fair Stand Construction:
Styrofoam with unlimited application options.For the profile box by furnished large openings easily passed.MDF Or plasterboard to be done with hard styrofoam shapes and is very easy to use less costly.The desired color can be painted easily.

















Three-dimensional printing, the virtual environment is designed in any way, a three-dimensional object in solid form in the pressing process. This device performs the three-dimensional printer. Prints of many kinds of raw materials can be used. Normal user on the basis of the most widely used raw materials PLA and ABS hard plastic called. Different types and techniques, which can print three-dimensional printers. The most common use of the three-dimensional printer, prepared in a computer environment working principle of any one of the three-dimensional virtual object as a division into layers, and each layer of the melted raw material is poured on top of the future based on the pressing.This method of machining system according to the many advantages .Cnc 6-7-8 axis robots can do jobs can print easily. A simple example:a whistle..the 3D printer leblebiyi at the same time in the press. Three-dimensional printing technology in 1980. Despite this, in 2010, after the name began to be known more and more widely today. The reasons for this in the media as more and more begin to take place, many of the entrepreneurial firms to invest in this technology, the attention of academic circles, in many areas of technology brings the convenience and advantages as well as the decrease of production costs can be shown. The first three-dimensional printer in 1984 by Chuck Hull of 3D Systems manufactured by the company. Today(2015), many of the firm's three-dimensional printer to produce and sell. 2012 end of the year with a three-dimensional article, the market volume of $ 2.2 billion compared to 2011 and by 29%, representing an increase. In the light of these developments in the us domestic 3D printer, we decided to make our. already since 2010 ESP ENGINEERING company tyrofoam,xps,sponge,polyethylene,polypropylene,fiber and rock wool ; 28 different kind of cnc machine, making the firm is a leader in the ranking is established. 2012 since a variety of brand purchase of a 3d printer, and the technical level of our accumulated knowledge and then we decided that this was enough. and we started production. Three-dimensional printers that can print parts.(we own our machines with this method we do) Electronic parts and engines, except for almost all of the mechanical parts can be printed by a 3D printer. In the future, three-dimensional printers themselves completely, properties that can be estimated.

Our company was founded in 1994. Started its activities with
a staff and a plan copier. Knowledge and skill that increases every
day now, our company has progressed with interest and confidence to
our customers. Today a total of two separate centers with a total of
twelve staff, and twenty-five forty-five different kinds of copying,
Also servicing copying machine .with your appreciation and
support, the best service to customers using the latest innovations in
technology, providing the most reasonable prices will enjoy .

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